About us

Drive the Vibe started in 2022, located in Ostuni, Puglia. 

It all started with the passion for Italy and the lovely idea of driving with a Vespa through the beautiful landscape.


Your personal tour guide will be Mika Maas, a 25 year old Dutch guy who has a big passion for Italy. 

I was born in the Netherlands, but moved to Italy when I was 23 years old. I moved all the way to the south of Italy, to the beautiful region: Puglia.



Why in Puglia?

I have visited Puglia often the last few years, because my dad and his wife have a Bed and Wellness in the heart of Puglia. It’s called Hartje Puglia and it is near Ostuni. So that was the main reason I went to Puglia, but the first time I was there I was directly in love with this region.

Puglia is amazing, not only because it’s so beautiful and the climate is nice. It is also known for the amazing food and wines. Furthermore it is not a victum of massatourism yet. The culture is relaxed and very friendly. It is great to relax and enjoy all the good things Puglia has to offer. But there is also a lot to experience. The nature is rough and beautiful and the cities are historical. Great activities to do are a wine tasting, cooking workshop or a Vespa tour of course ;).


When did your passion for Italy started?

From as young as I can remember, Italy was my favorite country. With the family we have spent a lot of holidays in Italy, and my passion became bigger. I wanted to learn the language and talk with the locals. After my dad moved to Puglia I went even more to Italy, untill the time I realized that I want to experience the life the Italians are living so well. I was curious about working in Italy and live like they do.


How did you start Drive the Vibe?

I worked in the Netherlands, but I often daydreamed about the Italian life. It became an obsession and I could not put it out of my head. I am still young and have the freedom to go, so why not giving it a chance? I figured out that I want to do something where I could enjoy the Italian lifestyle the most, and even better when I can let people see and feel how it is to live the Italian lifestyle. So I aked myself: how can I let people enjoy Italy as much as I do? And so I came on the idea to give a tour and show people the best things Italy has to offer. And because Puglia is quite a large region, the Vespa is a great way to move around and explore the most.

I bought a vintage Vespa and figured out some great roads along beautiful places. Then I made a lot of content, and well, where ever you look it’s amazing to shoot content in Puglia. Social media became my best friend and people started to discover and so the first tours were booked.


So what are you waiting for?

Yes this question is for you ;).

After reading all of this, but you want to know what it looks like? Have a look on my social media or just book your flight and come see Puglia with your own eyes! So let’s go and explore Puglia with me, you won’t regret it!

My girlfriend also joins me some days, helping me creating content. And of course because she likes to drive the vibe ;). Do you want to join us this summer? Please contact us for availability! 


I want to thank my family and friends who supported me when I started up this new adventure!