About us

Drive the Vibe started in 2022, located in Ostuni, Puglia. 

It all started with the passion for Italy and the lovely idea of driving with a Vespa through the beautiful landscape here in Puglia. 

All tours are a private tour with a local guide!

We want to offer you a unique experience, by making it personal rather than being part of a large group.


Your tour guide! 

My name is Mika. I am Dutch with a strong passion for Italy, making me feel half Italian sometimes ;)

I chased my dream by moving to Puglia in 2022!

I wanted to share my love for Puglia with others, allowing them to experience its beauty just as I do. 

That's why I decided to organize scooter tours, offering various excursion options. We will do authentic local activities that capture the essence of the Italian culture, so you will experience the true Italian vibe!


Why in Puglia?

I have visited Puglia frequently the last few years, mainly because my parents have a Bed and Wellness centre in the heart of Puglia, called Hartje Puglialocated near Ostuni. I quickly fell in love with this region and decided to make it my home.

Puglia is truly amazing! It's not just its breathtaking beauty and pleasant climate; it's also renowned for its incredible culture, food, wines, historical cities and more. Furthermore, it has not fallen victim to mass tourism yet. The culture here is laid-back and exceptionally welcoming. It is great to relax and enjoy all the good things Puglia has to offer. Great activities to do are a wine tasting, cooking workshop or exploring the beautiful beaches and historical cities.


When did your passion for Italy started?

From as young as I can remember, Italy was my favorite country. With the family we have spent a lot of holidays in Italy. As a kid, I played soccer on the campings and I wanted to learn the Italian National Anthem from local kids. As I got older, I wanted to speak the language, order my own pizza and coffee, and chat with locals. When my parents moved to Puglia, I started visiting Italy even more. Eventually, I realized I wanted to live and experience the Italian life beyond just vacations. I became curious about living the Italian life like the locals do. 


How did you start Drive the Vibe?

I figured out that I want to do something where I could enjoy the Italian lifestyle the most, and even better when I can let people see and feel how it is to live the Italian lifestyle. So I aked myself: how can I let people enjoy Italy as much as I do? And so I came on the idea to give a tour and show people the best things Italy has to offer. And because Puglia is quite a large region, the Vespa is a great way to move around and explore the most.


So what are you waiting for?

Yes this question is for you ;).

After reading all of this, you want to know what it looks like? Have a look on my social media or just book your flight and come see Puglia with your own eyes! So let’s go and explore Puglia with me, you won’t regret it!